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Product Development

We have built our reputation building high quality, sport-specific bags and accessories for athletes.

After market research and strategy sessions, what matters most is having a product ready for your program. We excel at guiding you towards a solution that matches the original idea's effectiveness and has the impact to ensure your success.

Collective Strength

We are part of a global network of ODM, OEM and CMT manufacturers serving the international sports industry.

Our objective is to transform the concept-to-delivery experience for buyers of custom products, simplifying development, increasing transparency throughout production, reducing costs and boosting overall efficiency. Through these efforts, we aim to revolutionize industry standards and offer the market a new way of achieving their ideal product goals.


Factory Sourcing

Since 1995, our manufacturers have turned concepts into reality.

We have a comprehensive development process that encompasses several stages, including conceptualization, specification detailing, prototype fabrication, supplier and material research, and ongoing manufacturing support throughout production.




Market Research

Understanding consumer patterns is critical for identifying new opportunities for product innovation.

Small details lead to big differences. We firmly believe that integrating market research insights from consumers is a pivotal aspect of the product creation process, and it stands as one of our top priorities and core capabilities. Equal attention is paid to both regional and national trends and preferences.



OEM Services

Manufacture your product at one of our domestic or international factories


Private Label

Build an in-house brand using pre-designed styles from our database

Special Orders

Factory Custom

Create an item that meets the ideal requirements for your event or program

Team Sports

Associations & Clubs

Get access to exclusive products through the TeamLocker network


We are committed to developing products that have a positive impact on people and planet.

S3A is taking steps to reduce emissions in our manufacturing facilities and across the supply chain. Through innovations in fabric development, sourcing and manufacturing we can change the industry status quo while impacting the communities where the people who make our products work and live. We prioritize clean working conditions, ethical wages, fair trade and locally-sourced materials.



New Products

Our program introduces the latest releases from partner manufacturers to strategic and influential buyers across the industry

Buyer Solutions

We are evolving a legacy infrastructure towards digital platforms that simplify the quote-order process, shrink pricing and enhance product selection

Digital Support

Our online tools include product coaching, seamless order specification relay, professional product reviews and real-time order and sample tracking
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