At the forefront of our business model is design and innovation.  We prioritize the collection of reviews/suggestions/opinions from consumers at all levels of the market so that we can help you build better products.  Our First Look program invites experienced buyers to be part of this process.

The latest releases will be updated every three months on our website, with specific attention to apparel, accessories and outerwear.


Each market solution provides buyers with a comprehensive selection of product from across the industry, including custom-friendly apparel, outerwear, bags and accessories from domestic/international manufacturers, regional distributors and direct brands.

By maximizing purchase options, buyers can more accurately reach their pricing, quality, customization and delivery targets.


We offer a full package of tools for new/experienced buyers, including custom quotes, recommendations, exclusive and custom styles, comments and reviews from other buyers, digital sampling, new release alerts, production tracking, seasonal bookings and online sales support.

Customized web pages are constructed for participating organizations to better manage internal order collection, consolidation and communication.

Custom Quotes

Qualified buyers can receive personalized quotes from our network of manufacturers and distributors.  No payment or order commitment required.


Through online tracking, email notifications and chat support, we are committed to full transparency on order production timelines and delivery status.

Digital Samples

Pre-production samples, including artwork and color specs, are provided before the order processing phase.  All details are uploaded to the customer’s locker.


Quote and order details are seamlessly shared between all parties involved in the transaction. Removing the “relay” of specifications reduces production errors.


Our lineup includes original products and brands from both domestic and international suppliers that are only available through our partners.


Our service includes a full range of branding options, from adding logos to inventory items to special-request orders at our manufacturing facilities.
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Who We Are

Based in Orange County, California and Toronto, our group has been designing for the international sports market since 1995.  Customers include the largest brands, multi-national corporations, professional and college teams and national sports programs.

Now, in partnership with other category specialists, we are building single-source online solutions for buyers of custom products in the team, event and retail sectors across North America.

For more information on our programs, please contact us.

Our Focus

Product Dev
Digital Tools
Market Research