Our facilities are highly automated and efficient, with rapid order processing and shipment for fast deliveries, including next-day shipping for logo-free products. We have a dedicated fulfillment team that serves as the reliable backbone of our manufacturing partners, ensuring excellence and precision in product handling.


Integrating 3PL services can significantly impact the success of a seasonal booking program, which thrives on timely delivery and lower costs. Our comprehensive solutions encompass customs clearance, kitting, order consolidation, shipping, tracking and ongoing communication to ensure a smooth drop-ship to the customer.

Factory Direct

Special orders that are manufactured to exact specifications at one of our facilities require individual attention to ensure that all shipping, customs processing, off-loading and local deliveries occur in an effective and timely manner.  All tracking and production information throughout the supply chain is made available to the buyer.

Serving Canada to California.


Our warehousing is optimized for the efficient storage of items within our in-house program.  This speeds up the picking, packing, and shipping process which results in better efficiency and lower costs.


We consolidate ordered products into a single shipment, or together with another regional customer, so that we can get orders to their destination with speed, efficiency and the maximum discount.


Whether the order requires domestic or international shipping, we provide the added benefit of discounted rates, while optimizing your parcels to help you avoid the impact of dimensional weight pricing.


Our warehouse management systems give our customers complete visibility on in-house products, including access to real time inventory data, local delivery estimates, shipping options and much more.


When you partner with us, you share in the building of our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.  Plans include a fully integrated IT systems, EDI, FTP, etc.  Contact us for more information.


Our strong network of 3PL partners make it simple to ship orders between Canada, Mexico and the US.  We cover a full range of necessary cross-border services, including brokerage, duties and shipment.

Connecting your products to our customers...

Why S3A?

Gaining a foothold in a secondary market like team sports or special events can be both demanding and costly. As your strategic partner in these sectors, we simplify your access, allowing you to concentrate on building your brand and customer relationships. Count on us to reduce your entry costs, enhance your visibility, safeguard your image, optimize the customer experience, stay updated on trends, and manage all logistics.

We are actively cultivating strong relationships with prominent sports organizations across Canada and the Western USA. Our objective is to collaborate with top manufacturers to offer single-source solutions so that we can better serve the needs of the buyer.

We invite you to join us on this journey!

Delivery to Stadium